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Klopp Talk: Another Day, Another Controversial Call

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp was not shy about questioning the refs for the second consecutive match.

Liverpool v West Bromwich Albion - Premier League
Haha. Nope.
Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Dear Jurgen,

The refs are not our friends. Please ensure that the game is not tight enough for them to influence future results. Thanks.


Liverpool Supporters

If Herr Klopp does not have the above message printed, laminated, and placed somewhere highly visible in his office, perhaps he should. For better or worse, referee decisions are part of the game.

In each of Liverpool’s last four matches, there has been at least one decisive and controversial decision. Against Stoke City, Simon Mignolet narrowly avoided a straight red. Against Brighton and Everton the softest of soft penalties were awarded. And last night Dominic Solanke was adjudged to have handled inside the box on what should have been a game-winning goal. These things happen (although it must be said, not usually with such frequency).

After the match, Kloppo weighed in on last night’s major moment.

“For me, it is twice deflected and I’m still not sure if the hand [touched] the ball or not. For me, it looks like chest. In the game it looked 100 per cent like chest,” Klopp explained.

“Afterwards, when I had a few replays, yes, there’s an arm, but I’m not sure if he touched the ball with his arm.

“Is it a penalty in the other box? I’m not sure. It’s not on purpose, for sure not.

“It must be a really good assistant, the assistant made the decision. He will be happy probably if there was a hand involved.”

That’s some good snark by the German manager.

Luck—whether through injuries, decisions, deflections, mistakes, etc—plays a major part of every football match, and ultimately in the final standings. It’s better to not have to rely on luck (either good or bad), but in some matches (as was the case last night) this is too much to ask.

“That’s another moment where we had no luck for sure, if he doesn’t see it or he’s not as sure as he obviously was then it’s a goal.

“We had the other situations; a cross from Trent when Mo didn’t hit the ball right, Sadio was at his back and both could have scored, like Roberto in the first half.

“It was not a game for 20 chances but we had seven or eight and we all know the boys usually score in moments like this.”

The race for the Top 4 is still incredibly tight, with Liverpool trailing Tottenham by a mere 2 goals. Hopefully Liverpool will reverse this poor luck, or better yet, not need it, as the games continue coming thick and fast over this holiday period.

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