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West Brom Offers Liverpool Chance to Put Undeserved Draw into Context

Mohamed Salah and Liverpool want to use stumbling West Brom to back to their winning ways quickly.

Liverpool v Everton - Premier League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Liverpool dominated Everton from start to finish, creating enough chances they could reasonably expect to win the game and defending well enough it should have ended up a shutout. It ended up, rather inexplicably, a 1-1 draw instead. Now Liverpool are facing off against their next opponents and looking to make things right.

"All of us were disappointed after that game but that was the result and we have to carry on,” Mohamed Salah told the club’s official website ahead of tonight’s mid-week Premier League tie against West Bromwich Albion. "The next game is an important game for us at home, we have to get the three points and look forward."

To hear some pundits talk, their last outing was a stumble. To those actually paying attention to the match it was a freak outlier result, an unearned point for an Everton side that defended poorly, created nothing, and rode their luck to an unearned equaliser. Aside from the scoreline, everything about it was positive for Liverpool.

If Liverpool play the same was against floundering West Brom as they did against Everton, a victory is almost certain to be the result. But to get there, rather than being disheartened by an unlucky draw on the weekend, the fans will need to get behind the team—to feel instead perhaps incensed by an exceptionally unlucky result.

And on that front, it probably won’t hurt so many pundits and so much of the media responded to the Everton draw by praising Everton’s manager while knocking Liverpool and theirs—and just maybe helping to give the club, team, and the fans all taken together a bit of an us against the world sense of injustice and togtherness.

"The atmosphere is unbelievable, the supporters are behind us every game, and we feel like we have someone pushing us every minute,” Salah added of the crowds so far at Anfield—and the crowd he expects against West Brom. "It's a good feeling, all the players feel it, so we have to carry on and concentrate on winning the game."

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