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Andy Robertson on “Frustrating Three Months” at Liverpool

The Alberto Moreno revival has been good for Moreno. And not so good for the man meant to replace him.

Scotland v Netherlands - International Friendly Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Andy Robertson arrived at Anfield expecting that, if he worked hard in training and played well when given his chances, that he would be able to nail down the starting job at his new club. Most at the club thought the same. That there seemed a potential vacancy at the club was why he was signed.

Only then something unexpected happened: after a season spent on the outside, Alberto Moreno reestablished himself as the club’s starting left back—and, based on performances so far this season, as arguably the soundest link in the defensive chain. As a result, Robertson has made just three appearances.

“Of course it’s difficult for me,” Robertson told journalists while off on duty with Scotland. “I don’t make any secret of it. I hate not playing. It’s been a very frustrating three months for me. I was looking forward to the Holland game to get some game time and I’m delighted to have got 90 minutes.”

Robertson further says that he’s talked to Klopp about the situation and his lack of playing time, and that he believes he’s still part of the Liverpool manager’s long-term plans. It’s hard to see where he fits in, though, with how well Moreno has been playing this season and with Liverpool out of the League Cup.

A few appearances off the bench might be possible, but given the limits on substitutions and Robertson can really only play the one position, so far Klopp has preferred more versatile bench options ahead of including a specialist fullback and on both sides of the pitch it’s been a case of start or sit in the stands.

Still, if there’s anything for a player struggling for minutes to take from Moreno’s situation, especially when he’s the player starting ahead of you, it’s that hard work can pay off and that if Robertson does what Klopp asks of him he will always have a chance—or at least a chance at a chance.

“I was a bit rusty and it probably caught up with me in the last 20 minutes, but that’s something I’ve got to look at,” the left back added. “I know need to get more game time. I’ve spoken to the manager because I felt as if the settling-in period was over for me and I thought I was ready to play.

“I felt I did myself justice in the games I have played so I had a good chat with him, he gave me a few points to work on and that’s kept me going. I know I’m still well in his plans and, if I work on the things he’s asked me to, then, hopefully, I’ll be in the first team, or closer to it.”

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