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Alberto Moreno on Alberto Moreno

The left back has returned to the Spanish squad and tells his story in his own words.

Spartak Moskva v Liverpool FC - UEFA Champions League
"Philippe Coutinho was unavailable for comment, but you can look at him here."
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More Moreno begets more Moreno so it is only natural that more Moreno continues to beget even more Moreno. Such is the nature of the purported "Morenaissance" that one must humbly serve its growth as opposed to curbing its rise.

At the centre of it all is, you guessed it, Alberto Moreno. Recent headlines have focused on the Spanish left back's relationship with Jürgen Klopp based on certain words. Moreno used the adjective "strange" in a specific context only for it to become about his "strange" relationship with his manager. This simply will not do in this year of all years.

First, though, a solid backstory where the hero fought for what's right with support of his family. Like an unspecified number of stirring stories, a willing narrator sets the scene.

"My idea was to stay, work hard and earn my place," the 25-year-old told Marca. "Klopp told me he was going to sign a left-back and that he couldn't promise me game time.

"I thought this was wrong, I spoke to my agent but he told me just to keep working. There came a point where I trained, looked around and knew that no matter what I did, they were not going to play me.

"Seeing my daughter every day and being with her saved me. It allowed me to isolate myself from what was happening."

Moreno described his struggles and confusion from last season along with the progress he has undoubtedly made this campaign. This is the part where conflict and resolution come in with powerful flashbacks of a right-footed midfielder filling in at left back.

“It has been strange," Moreno daringly revealed. "He arrived and I played every game, then at the start of the next season I disappeared. When I saw James Milner, a right footed midfielder, at left-back I knew something was happening. He did not give me any explanations.

"It is [now] a totally different relationship. He even speaks to me in Spanish sometimes. He's helping me a lot and I think it shows. I'm a more mature player with better defensive awareness.”

There it is: Moreno's short story in his own words. No hoverboards, no gimmicks, no controversies, no ghostwriters, no catchphrases, and certainly nothing to worry about. This is the purest form of 2017/18 Moreno that's responsibly sourced without any scurrilous preserving agents.

This is a man that has returned to the Spanish national team picture in a position with a healthy amount of competition. However, do not forget the assault on the senses that was the so-called "Lovrenaissance" last season.

Two or three good months do not make a good Liverpool player. Yet Moreno has been one of Klopp's best players so far despite needing to continue his form for many more months to prove the authenticity of his restoration.

A combination of James Milner and Andrew Robertson may have combined to unearth the true power within Moreno after the ashes of Basel in May 2016. Surely, though, this is the time for muted and considered praise rather than spluttering hyperbole. More Moreno indeed does beget more Moreno, but only time will tell if more Moreno is what Liverpool Football Club truly needs.

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