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Liverpool Need “One Big Win” to Get Their Season Back on Track

Steven Gerrard says one big win is all it will take. Bring on Jose Mourinho and Manchester United, then.

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Manchester United v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Just one big win. That’s what it will take. Liverpool have played well of late and not gotten the results that good play has deserved. A couple of goals and a positive result against Manchester United, though, could be just what it takes to open the floodgates and set them off on a real run of results.

So says former captain and current U18 boss Steven Gerrard, who is looking for the positives with some big games on the horizon after what has been a disappointing month, with it all kicking off after the international break with Liverpool welcoming rivals Manchester United to Anfield.

“Liverpool have got a couple of big games coming up that they’re more than capable of winning,” Gerrard told the club’s official website. “We’re seven games into a campaign—there’s no time to panic. We’ve got a wonderful manager and coaching staff that are looking after these players.

“I think everything is fine. I’m not one that jumps on the bandwagon and listens to criticism after seven games. I used to judge myself and the team I was playing in at least 10 or 15 games into the season. So let’s see where we are then. I’ve got every confidence we’ll be in the top four.”

And, to be fair, while things may not be great, they probably are fine—or at least not especially bad. Liverpool are still just a point off fourth in the league despite their currently misfiring attack and that so far they’ve managed to have the third worst goals against record in England’s top flight.

That they’re not badly positioned despite the poor finishing, bad goals against record, and that they’ve been getting results far worse than their play would suggest they should can be spun into a positive without a great deal of effort. It means when things click, they should move up quickly.

Arsenal and Chelsea are a point ahead of them; Tottenham is two up. By most of the metrics, all three sides have been far more solid so far this season than Liverpool. Yet one good result—one win while some of the others draw—and stumbling Liverpool could be right back on top.

Of course, that only applies for the time being. Liverpool are in a recoverable position, but it won’t last forever. They need to turn things around, and a date against Manchester United to kick off the next round of games and put some pressure on the competition really could be just what this side needs.

“What the Liverpool team have to do at the moment is stick together and see where they are in four or five games’ time,” Gerrard added. “It only takes one big win and one big performance where you blow someone away and then you’re back on the right track. Liverpool are very capable.”

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