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Matip: We Need to Keep Looking Forward

The defender talks about the aftermath of Tottenham and how the team has moved forward.

Liverpool v Huddersfield Town - Premier League Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Liverpool may have won their most recent game against Huddersfield, but most of us are still wondering what kind of effort the team can muster against opponents that aren’t in the bottom half of the table. The defence, in particular, has been a source of some consternation for the past few games so it was good to see Joel Matip, a member of said consternation-inducing defence, sit down to talk about the progress he sees them making.

“At this club the expectations are big,” Matip said. “Are the criticisms always deserved? I don’t know, maybe. I don’t have to judge the criticism against us, I only do my best and carry on.”

The criticisms for the Tottenham game, as many of you may recall, were definitely well deserved. But Matip knows that and is keen to take his share of the blame and highlight how the back four are doing their best to learn from their mistakes.

“Last week our defence wasn’t good. We know that. We got criticised for this, but you can never take it personally, you never let it too close to you. You just have to think about what you did, how to change it and improve it, these are the things you must take on board.

“We know we had a lot of problems against Tottenham. I made a lot of problems, I was at fault, I made a number of mistakes, and of course I am not happy. We have to work to get better and defend better every single week.”

The defender went into detail about Klopp’s reaction after the Tottenham game.

“He didn’t hold back, he said it directly,” Matip said. “He said it was not good enough – he spoke very honestly about the things that have to change, but after this he said we carry on and try to prepare for the next game.”

Liverpool will hopefully keep building on this victory on Wednesday when Maribor visit Anfield for the next game in Group E of the Champions League.

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