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Liverpool Look to Use Maribor Demolition as “Catalyst”

Tent Alexander-Arnold says the goals against Maribor were nice, but now they’re looking ahead to Tottenham.

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Premier League Asia Trophy - Day 1 Photo by Victor Fraile/Getty Images

Liverpool’s dismantling of Maribor ended in the kind of scoreline you see every day, but for a Liverpool side stuck in the midst of a run of poor results sparked in large part by poor finishing it was certainly a welcome and reliving sight when the final whistle blew on Tuesday night.

Now, though, attention has turned to Tottenham on Sunday. Tuesday’s victory can be used as a catalyst; as a jumping off point. But it’s in the past now, and if Liverpool follow up on their big mid-week win by dropping the ball on Sunday few will be left celebrating that 7-0 victory.

"Momentum is a really big thing in football,” noted right back Trent Alexander-Arnold, who scored the final goal against Maribor. “Once you get the ball rolling with the goals and the performances, it's really hard to stop. We showed our talent and we will try to show that again on Sunday."

The question heading into the game mid-week was whether Liverpool would start to convert their chances before their growing frustration at struggling to score led to a dip in performances and not just in results. In the end, fortunately, things clicked for the attack and the goals came.

Now the question is whether they can keep it up against a stronger opponent, and Alexander-Arnold says the belief is there that they can do just that—that this Liverpool side is exceptionally talented in the attacking end and that they can put goals past anyone, be it Maribor or Tottenham.

"We came here with a game plan and we executed it perfectly,” he added “The whole team knew we had the goals in us. It was just a matter of when and where, and it happened and I think that might be the catalyst to get the ball rolling in the games we have going forward."

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