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Lovren: We Were the Better Team

The centre-back wants Liverpool to build on the positives during the United game.

Watford v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Alex Broadway/Getty Images

Another Saturday, another frustrating and, some would argue, undeserved result. And another call for the Reds to look at what went right, pick up the pieces, and face firmly forward to Tuesday’s Champions League match against Maribor.

This particular call is from Dejan Lovren, who rightly points out the fact that Liverpool were the better side from the first whistle.

“We deserved more than a point,” the centre-back told the club’s official website. “Again, we showed the quality from the first minute that we were a better team than Manchester United today.”

Liverpool are going to need to start having serious conversations soon about how that quality must translate to a result, especially in games like Tuesday’s Champions League game. But for now, Lovren wants the team to learn from the horrors of defending against a Mourinho side geared to induce boredom.

“We need to keep our heads up and move on,” Lovren added. “We have important games now in front of us [and] we need to learn about today [so] that we can play against the really deep-defending teams.”

“This is football. But if you work hard and don’t think about this game - there’s still some sadness, of course, that you couldn’t take the three points - but in every game we’re showing better and better and I’m really confident in this team, you know.

“Everyone is confident and hopefully we can keep this momentum to find the net.”

A draw against United, especially one where we were stronger defensively than we have been in a few games, feels a lot like improvement and learning from our mistakes. But we’ve still only had a single win in eight games and that promised momentum towards the back of the net can’t come soon enough.

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