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Purslow Backs Klopp

Liverpool’s former chief executive thinks Jürgen Klopp is “perfect for Liverpool” amidst growing criticism of the manager.

Newcastle United v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Some may not want to hear Christian Purslow talk too much about Liverpool, but the former chief executive of Merseyside’s finest went on record to glowingly speak about Jürgen Klopp ahead of a huge game at home to Manchester United.

Liverpool have drawn too many games since August gave way to September and retain many of the same weaknesses as last season. The summer transfer window was marketed as a record-breaking one to help end the quest for a first league title since 1990, but the squad still looks worryingly short in key defensive areas.

Combine supporter weariness after another transfer window mishap and a mixed start to the season to find the most curious pangs of doubt in the capabilities of Klopp. Purslow, however, is certain that Klopp is the right choice to help the club move forward.

"If you mean from his ownership, none whatsoever,” Purslow said in response to whether Klopp was under pressure after two years as Liverpool manager. "He's two years into this job that looked to be perfect for Jurgen Klopp.

“There are great similarities between what he achieved at Dortmund, what he was expected to achieve - which was to compete with an absolute behemoth in Bayern Munich, while spending less money, both on wages and in the transfer market. That is the job description at Liverpool."

Klopp is not a manager who will change everything immediately but has shown he can be trusted with long-term projects. The financial power of Manchester United fits the way of Mourinho, but Purslow stressed that Liverpool are still some way behind a great rival financially despite an expectation to compete.

"There are revenue differences between Manchester United and Liverpool," Purslow pointed out. "Liverpool's are still superb but they are a fraction of Manchester United.

"And yet the Liverpool manager is expected to compete with United and beat them, exactly as Klopp did - winning two league titles in Germany against Bayern Munich with a fraction of their spending.

"He is perfect for Liverpool. It is an innately difficult project, to compete with less money. I think most Liverpool fans would feel that the team began under Brendan Rodgers with a very new, highly attacking, attractive way of football.

"There were question marks about them defensively and Jurgen hasn't addressed those completely but, in my opinion, the owners know exactly what the job description is. He is the right man for the job and that's going to take five years, not two years."

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