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Loris Karius Is Penciled In For Plymouth

The Liverpool goalkeeper is set to take his chance against Plymouth Argyle in the FA Cup on Sunday.

Liverpool Training Session Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Cup games are often opportunities for the secondary and young players to mix in with the first eleven. Weeks ago, Liverpool’s FA Cup match on Sunday against Plymouth Argyle would have been seen as an opportunity for Simon Mignolet to get into the mix and push for more face time on the pitch. But that was before Loris Karius was adjudged to need some time out of the spotlight and Mignolet was gifted the number one goalkeeper spot.

Mignolet has kept hold of that spot and been a solid shot stopper for the club during his run in the side. So, now it’s Karius who finds himself anticipating his opportunity to mix in and show his ability in goal.

Klopp was emphatic about his German goalkeeper’s chance for a game at Anfield this weekend.

“Big chance,” said Klopp.

“He trained outstandingly, which was good to see. It is difficult to speak about these things in public because you make it a big story and that is part of the problem.

“But we cannot ignore the pressure you (the media) make. We have to cope with it and deal with it and that is why we made the change.”

Klopp is spoiled for a choice of goalkeepers, thankfully. When Loris Karius needs to come off the hot seat and a player with the skill and experience of Simon Mignolet is waiting in the wings, that’s very good things.

Simon is a veteran of the Premier League, having been through the ups and downs with both Liverpool and Sunderland. Loris is a 23-year-old goalkeeper who, though excelling in the Bundesliga, is experiencing the world of English football for the first time, an experience that Klopp will hope gives his young German prospect a thick skin for the future.

“I am sure Loris will benefit from this step back or step aside,” assured Klopp. “It was good for him.

“Simon has done an outstandingly good job since he has been playing again and Loris has forced him to train at the highest level because we have two really good goalkeepers.”

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