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Gini Wijnaldum And The Spirit of The Liverpool Dressing Room

Wijnaldum says Liverpool’s confidence has now entered low-orbit ahead of the trip to Swansea City.

Liverpool v Hull City - Premier League Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

As the anxiety grows amongst Liverpool supporters the world over, as our stomachs churn and our heads go soupy and we find ourselves gazing out of windows and hoping with all the hoping power possible that the Reds don’t let Swansea have a go tomorrow and sadden our weekends with the saddening sads of a defeat that we will all claim to have tacitly predicted because Liverpool and our crushing history of defeat in winnable games, as this fog envelopes us and our optimism fades it is Georginio Wijnaldum who appears and offers an antidote to our poisoned perspectives.

“The dressing room spirit is really good at the moment,” said the in-form midfielder, “especially because we are winning games and how we are winning games, with good football and counter-pressing.

“The things we want to do on the field, everything works, so the feeling is good.

“Even after the draw with Tottenham or the game we lost at Burnley, I don’t want to say the feeling was good at that moment but we still had confidence and that shows that we have faith in each other.”

It’s worth noting that if Gini had sung “Faith” by George Michael during the big preseason dinner and a song, this quote would literally be setting your screen on fire.

But what Gini is suggesting is that confidence is sky high at Liverpool and the players and staff are not carrying around the weight of defeats or poor and unlucky showings with them. A loss does not take them back a step. A goal conceded does not rattle their belief in Klopp’s philosophy. Likewise, a win does not fill their heads with sparkles of ego.

The job is simple, play football together. Gini says that he is buoyed by “how we are winning games.” The team presses together, counter attacks together, moves together to defend and to score. The Dutchman is speaking about a team united in it’s mission, a team with a plan and a team that is playing with joy. Love of the game, etc.

But, Swansea City, like all Premier League opposition, will still be a tricky adversary, even for the likes of our joyful Reds. And as it’s customary, as well as wise, to show respect to a competitor, Gini also must temper expectations:

“We must be sharp because they might not have started well but they have a really good team and good players, Just because they are low in the standings doesn’t mean we are going to win easy because they’re a tough team to beat.”

Oh, there you are, soupy fog of anxiety. Almost thought we lost you.

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