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Jürgen Klopp Wants to Keep Liverpool Stars Around For Long Haul

The manager discussed the need to keep key players at Anfield.

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

During the past couple of summer transfer windows, Liverpool have had to deal with the threat of key players exiting the club. Luis Suarez went to Barcelona two summers ago and Raheem Sterling joined Manchester City last year, with both moves dealing blows to the club's morale (perhaps one more than the other).

Though the prospect of an important cog leaving has not been as much of a concern this summer, there are still some worried about the long-term future of rising star Philippe Coutinho. That doubt is something Jürgen Klopp hopes to get rid of in the coming seasons.

Instead, the manager hopes he can foster a culture that keeps his key players at the club for a while.

"You need to keep your key players," Klopp said (via the Echo). "There hasn’t been a successful team in world football who change their squad every year. That's a very important thing."

"You have to create a situation where you are successful. A situation where everyone feels in a good way and we are strong enough and patient enough to keep them together," he added.

Klopp knows this process will take extraordinary effort. After all, he's starting from a place where stars departing is normal. But keeping the team together this summer will be a good first step.

"We want to be a club in the future for sure whose players don't want to leave," he said. "But it will only be possible with success and the atmosphere we create in and around the club."

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