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Liverpool to Loan Out Young Left Back, Per Report

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Under-23 regular Sam Hart is headed to Port Vale on a season long loan.

The only picture we have of this guy
The only picture we have of this guy
Pete Norton/Getty Images

The words "left back" have become a sensitive subject for Liverpool fans in recent weeks. Starter Alberto Moreno has struggled with the defensive requirements of the role, while fill-in fullback James Milner was hindered by his right-footedness last weekend in a loss to Burnley.

With less than a week to go in the transfer window, however, the Reds have yet to move for a reinforcement.

So the news that Liverpool will loan out left back Sam Hart to Port Vale, as reported by the Echo, will likely draw a couple of eye rolls and snarky remarks. The 19-year-old, who once played in Manchester United's youth system, has been a regular in the club's under-23 side this season.

The decision to loan out Hart makes a lot of sense, though. He is reaching the age when he must separate from the pack and prove himself worthy of a shot with the club, but without competitive experience on a senior squad, it would be hard to evaluate his progress. Perhaps he'll one day factor into the craziness that is Liverpool's left back position.