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Klopptimism: Boss Has No Room For Bad Memories

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Jürgen Klopp is not like the rest of us. Even the most optimistic Liverpool supporter cannot look back at the 2015/16 campaign without painful recollections of the two cup final defeats and the lowly 8th-place league finish. Of course, as he is wont to do, Klopp puts this painful reality to the side and focuses on the positive aspects of last season.

"There were days last season that no-one would have been able to play against us, where nobody would have liked to play against us," Klopp told in an interview. "Everybody forgets the good games of last season because we finished eighth, but that is only one small number of last season. There are other numbers where we were really strong in tough situations."

Coming from other managers such statements would sound like cheap talk, intended to put a positive spin on an altogether disappointing season. From Klopp, it sounds genuine. Klopp's past successes and Liverpool's dramatic improvement under him in the second half of the campaign certainly helps lend credibility to his optimism.

"It's easy for us to remember the bad things, and we suffer that more than we take in the good things," Klopp continued. "When I watch back, I have absolutely no skill for remembering the bad things. I would like that after the new season, we sit and think ‘my god, how amazing!' I want us to enjoy a really memorable season in the best way. To take in the good things, to enjoy our development."

Hopefully Klopp has managed to successfully erase the bad memories from the players over the summer (perhaps with some Eternal Sunshine-type technology?), and has them fully prepared to kick on, starting this Sunday against Arsenal.

Looking at the positives might be a good way to deal with the disappointments from last season, but a better way would be to give us great new memories this season. Can't wait.

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