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Georginio Wijnaldum: Meeting People Is Easy

Wijnaldum adjusting to life on Liverpool’s preseason tour.

Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

Georginio Winjaldum, having just just been introduced into this new, fresh and wonderful Liverpool squad, will be doing all the natural new kid things, like meeting new people, establishing relationships, focusing on new and exciting running-all-the-time drills and wondering if James Milner is really as boring as everyone says he his.

Thankfully, the young midfielder seems a jovial fellow and by his own account is settling into his new team nicely.

"I try to speak with everybody to get to know people better," said Wijnaldum. "But Divock can also speak Dutch, so it’s easier for me to communicate with him. I’ve been speaking a lot with him and also Christian Benteke and Sadio Mane."

Divock Origi pops up with another promising run, into friendship. But, don’t get too close with Benteke, Georginio. He’s not likely to be around for your housewarming party.

Wijnaldum also sees some familiar training techniques in the Liverpool camp. Speaking on Jürgen Klopp’s methods, the ex-Newcastle United man said this, "Every trainer has his own training style, so Jürgen Klopp has his own style. But it’s quite similar to some of the training I used to do in Holland because you play a lot of football."

Wijnaldum goes on to reveal Klopp’s open communication with his players, exposing all the appalling niceness going on in this team.

"(Klopp) will come and speak with me to ask me how I feel. He’s said if I need something, I can ask him. I feel at ease.

"He speaks to everyone, tries to help everyone and make everything clear. In training, if he sees that I have to do something different, he will stop and tell me ‘you have to do it like this, you need to be aware of this and that.’ In those situations, he’s also helping me."

It’s very important to acclimate new players as quickly as possible. Joining a new organization can be stressful for some and seamless for others. But communication between players and coaches is key. Creating an understanding, a universal mindset, is key. The season begins very soon and this Liverpool squad is training at ludicrous speed. Thankfully, Wijnaldum and the other new signings seem to be easing right in.

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