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Klopp Gives His Reasons For Sending Mamadou Sakho Home

Mamadou Sakho was sent home from Liverpool's preseason tour for repeatedly breaking club rules.

Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

Jürgen Klopp has finally broken his silence on Sakho's banishment from the club's preseason forays in The United States. And, I'll give you a hint, it has nothing to do with an Achilles injury. Klopp says that Mamadou Sakho was breaking rules and a message needed to be sent to the player, and to all the players, that the rules were to be followed.

"I have to build a group here," the manager says to start. "So I thought maybe it made sense for him to fly home to Liverpool and after eight or ten days when we come back we can talk about it. It's not that serious."

But the point is clear. Jürgen Klopp will not abide dissent.

And if ejection from your team's pretty major thing happening isn't bad enough, Sakho gets the added embarrassment of having the whole world now know about his mistake. Jürgen Klopp doesn't hold back about Sakho's transgressions. And there are three.

"He nearly missed the departure of the plane," Klopp says, building the tension by first giving us the one we already know, and then, "he missed a [training] session and was late for a meal.

"We have some rules and we have to respect them. If somebody doesn't respect it or somebody gives me the feeling he is not respecting it then I have to react, that's all."

Klopp allays any concern about an argument between the two Reds by simply saying, "I spoke. You cannot argue when only person is speaking."

Mamadou Sakho will now train at Melwood and watch from afar as his team plays on. But the player will know what is required of him now and should have the proper motivation to continue on in Klopp's Liverpool. And it's assured that the French footballer will not be facing any further judgement. Klopp tells us his meaning in sending Sakho home is to teach and not to punish.

"Fine him? I am not interested in the money of the players," Klopp adds. "Actually not really often in my life I've had to fine anybody because I want that we learn together to do the thing that is right."

That is a fine way to go about it, I'd say. Klopp and the player have handled it. And the message goes out to all and sundry. Every player will buckle down. Young players get on board. Liverpool come out swinging. Klopp's up on shoulders. Glasses are broken!

But. Will Sakho be around to see it?

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