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Danny Ings On Liverpool's Trip to America and Preparing For The Season

Ings offers us all an exclusive look into the LFC American tour.

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This year's official Liverpool preseason play-by-play is brought to you by Danny Ings. It's a coveted job, complete with a crushed leather armchair that in recent years has padded the seats of Jon Flanagan, Charlie Adam and Joe Cole.

The task is simple. Write about what the players, the team or the coaches are doing. Write about the fans. Give us all a look into the hard work and revelry that goes along with an LFC road trip. And, surely, the club could do worse than having the ever-positive Danny Ings take the helm.

Ings is a sympathetic character to most Liverpool fans. He came into the club with question marks swirling around him. Then he showed some stuff. Some pretty good stuff. And then Klopp entered the frame and Danny immediately went down with injury. The England striker has a lot that he wants to show of himself to the fans. He has a lot that he wants to prove to the world looking on. There's no doubt this preseason period will be important to Danny Ings personally.

"There will be loads of hard work to do here while we're on tour," he writes, "and when we're getting on that plane back to Liverpool next month, I want to be in the best shape possible after it all.

I feel with the heat out here, the amount of sessions and the work that will be on for us, there is every ingredient to help me do that. I won't be happy with myself if I don't come back home in the best shape I can be in."

Danny also made note of his excitement for the squad being together and how crucial it is for the team to bond and for the new recruits to integrate quickly and be welcomed properly into the club.

Musing on the return of players after their international duties, Ings writes, "It's good to get everybody back together, get the group back as one having some banter and a good laugh."

Danny Ings is a player who really thrives on team spirit and he is likely to be a positive beacon for the squad during a difficult preseason of playing hard, training harder and acclimating to new conditions and regular travel.

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