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Danny Ings: "I’m Playing Catch-Up"

It's time for another focused set of quotes from Danny Ings.

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What more can anyone say about Danny Ings that hasn't been mentioned already. He works hard, says the right things, focuses on maximising his career, sounds sensible, and is a better footballer than many Liverpool fans thought. To retread over these areas would be to waste precious time, especially when Ings has been arguably Liverpool's most impressive senior player in pre-season so far. Maybe someone got it badly wrong when assessing the former Burnley striker ahead of his move to Anfield.

There is, however, a recovery from injury to consider. Ings suffered a knee injury in Ocotber that effectively ended his promising season under Brendan Rodgers. Jürgen Klopp was appointed shortly before it was confirmed that Ings ruptured his knee ligaments, meaning that the 24-year-old has hardly spent any time playing for Klopp. His determination to return from injury did help him make an appearance as a substitute in the final Premier League game of the season against West Bromwich Albion, but the striker feels that he needs to catch up on absorbing Klopp's methods directly.

"The training is very intense, very tactical and we’re learning every day," Ings said on pre-season preparations. "I’m playing catch-up really because I obviously didn’t get to train with [Klopp] and the other staff, and get to see the methods. What I did do was watch from the sideline and try to pick up as much as I could. I’m just trying to put that into games now. My biggest aim is to get fit and get to how I was before I got injured."

There's no doubt that he's far ahead of the departing Mario Balotelli and Christian Benteke; there's also a feeling that he'll put up a good challenge for Daniel Sturridge, Divock Origi, and Roberto Firmino up front. Ings has suffered a serious injury in the past but battled back from it to impress in the Championship and the Premier League, earning a move to Liverpool. Now he's on the path to experiencing a full season at a club that represents a milestone in Ings' career, and although he's looked sharp this month, he still has an eye on how he could be more effective in front of goal.

"I said in a previous interview that it has been a tough time for me, getting fit, and for me now it’s all about getting minutes under my belt and dusting off any cobwebs I had," Ings remarked, reminding everyone of how he got his Rocky Balboa on. "I could have scored a few [at Wigan], as I could have against Tranmere and in the last game. I’m just happy to be out there and feeling sharp.

"Injuries are horrible for every player. I’ve had injuries in the past and I’ve always said that we earn our money when we’re injured, because it’s the hardest time. Playing football is the easy part because you’re enjoying it. I’m just glad to be back out there – I can put all that behind me and keep scoring goals."

Danny Ings. Cult hero. Coming soon to Liverpool FC.

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