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Klopp Looking For Joe Allen Solutions

Jürgen Klopp is hoping to make some decisions about Joe Allen's Liverpool Future.

The Joe abides.
The Joe abides.
Jan Kruger/Getty Images

I like the Joe. Just so that's out of the way. Full disclosure and all because I'm not going to hide anything from you. Well, don't hold me to that, actually. I mean, I'm not actively looking to hide something but I guess, I don't know, life is funny sometimes. Anyway, I do like Joe Allen.

And you certainly can't fault the Joe for wanting to find his way into a team that will include him on a more regular basis. He's a good player, by me. A solid performer in the squad. And he's just the right kind of player I like, because he's just the kind of player that I like to be with out on the pitch. He plays for the team first. And he has shown himself to be willing to fight for the team when he does get game time. That's a lot for me.

The solid, always does the job, classy but not flashy taco.

And, yeah, I know. I understand. Joe Allen is not a goal scoring machine. I get that. I want goals, too. Goals from midfield. Yes, please. Pretty please and thank you. But I believe that Joe Allen brings an essential determination and reliability to a team. Any team. And that this pluck is important.

This pluck is what we Alleners love about Joe Allen. And this pluck could definitely be very important to a fair few Premier League sides. The Joe is league-proven. He's not giving managers guff. And he steps in and improves plenty of sides out there. Swansea City has already *swooped* in with a bid, right? There will be suitors for a talent such as Joe.

But where does Klopp land in this Joe Allen quandary. Well, he curiously spoke about solutions when talking about Joe Allen with BBC Radio.

"We will find a solution but it's not done," he said. Club and player not agreeing on contract mumbo jumbo.

"Obviously Joe Allen is a good player. We never doubted this. He played a good European Championship, like the whole Welsh team." Compliment the player publicly. Good.

"We have to make decisions, we have to find solutions. We have to talk to the player, ask the player and think about our situation. That's how it works." Nothing is decided until actual money comes to Liverpool from another club or until one of the various midfielders we're linked with actually signs up and leans or the Joe commits to sticking around for another year, fighting for his meals.

Solutions, sure. You've gotta find solutions. But, what's the solution, you know? The main solution. What's the solution Klopp finds himself gazing out the window and hoping for?

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