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Lucas Leiva Unsure of Future, Part #47291938

Another summer, another transfer window in which Lucas Leiva returns to Liverpool FC without a clear picture of his role going forward.

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Like his long time teammate Martin Skrtel, Lucas Leiva is a player whose future always seems up in the air every single summer yet by the close of the transfer window he remains a Liverpool player. Unlike Skrtel, there haven't been any solid rumours linking Leiva with a move elsewhere, but that doesn't mean the midfield stalwart necessarily feels secure in his place in the team.

"There were some changes last season with the coaching," Lucas said in a poorly Google translated version of an interview with Radio Jovem Pan. "I still do not know exactly what will be my role within the group, but I am returning on Thursday to start the preseason.

"It is the first transfer window that Klopp will participate more actively in Liverpool, so I'll just get a better sense when I reintroduce myself. Whatever happens, the idea, as always, is to remain in Europe, especially in England, which has a very strong and good league to play in."

Many Liverpool fans will hope that remaining in Europe means remaining at Liverpool rather than elsewhere. For now, he's enjoying his summer vacation back home in Brazil, and has the horseback riding pics to prove it.

Família ❤️ Family ❤️

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