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Liverpool Releases Away Kit for 2016/17

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Surprise! It's exactly what was leaked all over the Internet last week.

There's something special, iconic even, about seeing Liverpool trot out in their all-red strip. It's bold, it's flashy, and it refuses to back down to any challenge. However, we can't always wear red because for some reason other teams are allowed to wear it as part of their home kit.

The traditional Liverpool away kit consists of a white shirt and black shorts, although this year's all-white away number was a fantastic modern twist on a classic design. In 1966, Liverpool took the pitch against Ajax in bright yellow shirts, and a new alternate away color was born, one that they've returned to frequently, including last year. Beginning in the late 80's, Liverpool started experimenting with grey (1987), green (1991), eggshell (1996, the mid-90's were a weird time for football kits), and finally black (2003).

This year, New Balance dipped back into the black well for the away kit, a trend that is becoming increasingly common, not just for Liverpool, but for many other squads. The design is very reminiscent of Adidas's last away effort in 2011/12, which was dark grey with silver lettering and red accents. It is also precisely the kit that leaked last week, because we can't keep anything secret these days.

At first glance, it appears that the lettering is again silver, but on closer inspection it looks like the lettering is white and the badge is silver. The manufacturer seems to be doubling (tripling? quadrupling?) down on strange collar choices, and this one is particularly off-putting to me.

On the other hand, the goalkeeper's Loris Karius's kit is a vast improvement over the lime-green number. It keeps the same pattern as the other one, but is predominantly orange-yellow with black accents and lettering.

New Balance's home effort for 2016/17 was generally well received. How do you like the new away kit?