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Simon Mignolet Sticks to the Script About Competition with Loris Karius

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Competition is good and healthy and totally normal at a club like Liverpool, and Simon Mignolet is totes okay with it. For reals. He means it. Believe him!

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Two weeks ago, new boy Loris Karius said all the right things about arriving in Liverpool as competition for Simon Mignolet rather than as his replacement. Karius stated his aspiration to become Liverpool's number one keeper, but didn't assume that this would be the case. It was the respectful acknowledgement of one colleague to another in a situation where the new arrival hasn't even a second of playing time yet for his new club, and he did the professional thing in not immediately acting like a jerk in the media.

Now Simon Mignolet is returning the favour, doubling down on the official party line that young Karius is indeed competition rather than  replacement for the Belgian international.

"It's something positive, it can only push you on and can only make you better," Mignolet said while on duty in France for Belgium. "Competition for places you will always have at the highest level. For every place and every position there are enough people who can do the job when needed and that's what you need to have a good team."

All of those things are very true and very important, but on the back of an unspectacular season from Mignolet and the speed with which Karius was brought into the fold, it seems very transparent that though both keepers are maintaining a professional tone to how they speak about their roles in relation to one another, Karius will be to Mignolet this summer what Mignolet was to Pepe Reina three years ago.