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Liverpool Ask Burnley to Host Week Two Premier League Match

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The Reds are set to have their home opener in week two against Burnley, but with work on the main stand ongoing they have asked Burnley to host the match at Turf Moor instead.

Burnley v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

Liverpool look to have the most difficult start to the Premier League season by some margin, and it’s not just the fact they play Arsenal, Tottenham, Leicester, and Chelsea in four of their first five games. It’s that three of those games are on the road. The ones to Arsenal, Tottenham, and Chelsea in case you hadn’t heard.

Things could get a little harder still if a request made by the club to change their one seeming moment of respite—a home opener against Burnley in week two—to the road. Due to main stand construction at Anfield, it will be touch and go whether the stadium is ready for a week two home match, and so the club have requested a change.

It’s on the other club to accept rather than the league, and if Burnley do, Liverpool’s start to the season will go Arsenal away, Burnley away, Tottenham away, Leicester at home, and then Chelsea away. A March 11th return date against Burnley, currently set to be played on the road, would become a home game for Liverpool if that happened.

For Burnley, newly promoted to the Premier League after finishing first in the Championship last season, a switch might appeal as it would mean they play their first two games at home, increasing their chances of a positive start to the campaign. However, despite Liverpool’s request, it isn’t clear a switch would even be necessary.

Currently, main stand construction is to schedule and expected to be finished—or at least to be in a state where it could be open to the fans—by August 20th and the second week of the upcoming season. Still, the timeline is tight, and allowing an extra week would ensure there would be no last-minute issues that might result in an empty main stand.

The club is not believed to be exploring options to hold the match at a different ground should Burnley refuse the switch and completion of construction end up delayed.