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Balotelli to Report for Preseason: Fan(s) Rejoice(s)?

In unsurprising yet maybe surprising news, Italy's mercurial talent will report to preseason training and give Liverpool fans the world over Zapruder-esque training pictures to pore over for body language cues.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

T minus 23 days, folks: on July 2nd, Mario will report for duty.  With no sale having been agreed upon he has nowhere else to go. That being said, Klopp previously froze out everyone's favorite instagram star, Jose Enrique, and showed no compunction about dropping Benteke or consigning him to leading the line for all of da yutes. So one must ask, should he stay or should he go?

For those that harbored dreams of Balo starring under the lights of Anfield and being that supernova we all hoped he'd shown flashes of becoming, things didn't work out for the still-young Italian.

Of things Balotelli is, a man possessed of ungodly talented feet certainly is one. Of things Balotelli is, difficult-as-all-fucking-hell is another. Whether he cares anymore about becoming something great (it's fair to say One Of The Greats is probably a raisin in the sun) appears less likely by the year. Whether he cares about getting paid and having fun is a question best left to Bobby Brown.

Whether Klopp is the man to finally make Balo into the CAM some of us believe he can be is a separate question that may actually have an answer. The Reds have three weeks to figure out an exit plan for the still only 25 year old former international. There have been more absurd reclamation projects, and if there is one mad scientist capable of eliciting the best from the apotheosis of the modern footballer, Klopp could well be the one.

This author, for one, at least hopes to snag an autograph on July 27th.

VOTE! Talam a parqua! Or perhaps you want your 60 portions.