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Liverpool Open Emre Can Contract Talks

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After the player closed out the season strongly, Liverpool are reportedly ready to tie Emre Can down to a new long-term deal.

Clint Hughes/Getty Images

Although only a controversial runner-up in the most prestigious LFC-related annual award two years running, Emre Can looks to have won himself a new contract, with reports from the club indicating that they are ready to extend his current deal. Can is presently halfway through a four-year deal from 2014, which means the time is ripe for renewal, and with his current wages rumoured to hover around £55k per week - or roughly £85k less than Christian Benteke - he is likely to be set for a solid jump in income, one reflective of his current and projected importance to the team.

His 89 appearances and 7350 minutes in his two seasons with the club - second only to Alberto Moreno, a man with no real challenger to his position - reflect a player whose combination of reliability and versatility has made him a crucial cog in the plans of two separate managers, all by the tender age of 22. While his best position has been a point of much contention - Brendan Rodgers played him across the backline to varying success, and Jürgen Klopp has tried him in several different central midfield positions - he seemed to have started settling into the holding midfield spot towards the end of the season, improving his defensive awareness and positional discipline while restricting his attacking forays to situations where they were most useful. Restraining his tendency to roam and limiting the amount of ground he was required to cover seemed to help the German international retain focus and curbed his tendency to disappear towards the end of matches. Transfer rumours linking the club to central midfielders more inclined to carry the ball forward seems to support this idea.

Whether the deal will be completed during the summer's European Championship or have to put on hold until after the tournament remains to be seen,  but the club's willingness to come to the table and release that info to the public indicates that it will only be a matter of time before the deal is announced.