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Henderson: I'm Fighting for a Place at Euro 2016

Jordan Henderson says there's no guarantee he'll make the England squad for Euro, but he might be being just a wee bit modest.

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

As May draws to a close, players hoping to see action at this summer's European Championship wait with bated breath to see if they've made the cut for the team their managers will submit to UEFA on May 31. Jordan Henderson is one such player, and though he made Roy Hodgson's World Cup squad two years ago, the midfielder doesn't believe his trip to France is a sure thing just quite yet.

"I think there's no-one safe, really -- maybe one or two -- but everyone is fighting for place on the plane and I am no different," Henderson said. "Obviously I have been injured for a long time but I am working hard, I am trying to get back to the level that I was before I've been injured this season. I'll keep continuing to do that and if the manager wants us to be in the squad then I'll be over the moon. If not, then I need to get ready for preseason."

Henderson returned to Liverpool duty just in time for the Europa League final, but having been out with a foot injury for so long prior to that, he still has a ways to go before returning to full match fitness. England played Australia in a friendly at the Stadium of Light on Friday, and Henderson was lucky enough to see some playing time in front of the crowd in his hometown.

"It is obviously nice to come back and play here as the home team once again, especially for England," Henderson enthused after the match. "It was nice to come back, nice to get a start again, nice to play some football, get some minutes, but it was tough as well. There's a lot of things I need to work on, improve on, in the next couple of weeks, but delighted to be back playing.

"I just think getting that sort of feel back, the touch. Getting involved in the game a little bit more, being more of a threat going forwards and just general play, really. Just getting back to what I am used to doing for Liverpool and also England when I've been playing as well. Like I say, I am getting back to that level and hopefully in the next week or so I can keep doing that.

With Roy Hodgson only needing to cut three players from his provisional twenty-six man squad, the probabilty of Henderson making England's Euro team is fairly high.  Henderson is a known quantity to Hodgson, and barring any major fitness concerns stemming from his long injury layoff, Henderson seems as good as confirmed to feature in the group stage at Euro.

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