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Sakho Finishes Initial Suspension, Still Awaits Trial Date

The provisional 30-day ban is over, but Mamadou Sakho still awaits trial and final punishment over his failed drug test.

Steve Bardens/Getty Images

After news came out of a failed drug test, presumably over a banned substance contained in fat burning pills, Liverpool were quick to make Mamadou Sakho unavailable for selection over the final seven games of the season. Action from UEFA quickly followed, initially slapping the French defender with a provisional 30-day ban. As of today those 30 days have passed, but Sakho's future is still an open question.

"A date has not been confirmed yet. More information will follow as of next week," a UEFA spokesman told the Daily Mail when asked about Sakho's situation.

Although there has been no word yet about subsequent suspensions--provisional or otherwise--Sakho isn't exactly free to play, as both club and country are keeping their distance while the wheels of justice slowly turn at UEFA. Perhaps if Sakho had set off a flare against Manchester United he'd already have an answer.

The suspension has already cost Sakho a starting spot in a European cup final, and it will also cost him a once-in-a-lifetime chance to play for his country in a tournament held on home soil.

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