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Karius: Klopp "Big Factor" in Joining Liverpool

In his first interview as a Liverpool player, Loris Karius shed light on why he decided to join the Reds.

Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

Unreasonable. Unfair. Enchanting. Chiseled from the stoutest oak. All perfectly accurate descriptions of Loris Karius' jawline. Since he joined the club yesterday, the handsome German has become - still only 22 and in all likelihood with much growth yet to come - one of the biggest Liverpool transfer deals in recent years, in terms of online attention, in large part due to his mesmerising appearance.

There is much more to the man than meets the eye, though, and he revealed some of it in his first interview as a Liverpool player. Soft-spoken and confident, the former Manchester City player delivered, in a vaguely German accent, a mixture of insightful and stock answers to a range of questions. Just as Jürgen Klopp's enthusiastic use of the word 'cool' in any and all situations contributes to his folksy charm, one envisions Karius' preference of referring to almost anything as 'stuff' will have a similar disarming effect.

Speaking of his new manager, Karius shared his thoughts on the role Klopp played in bringing him to the club:

"Of course he was a factor – a big factor.

"I spoke to him and I had a good feeling afterwards because he told me what he wants to do with the club and with the players. It was a good talk with him and after that I was convinced this was the right decision. He’s a big coach.

"He told me he knew Liverpool was a big club, but he actually realised how big it was when he came here. He didn’t realise until then, and even though he knew it was a big club, still when he came [here] he was surprised at how much bigger it is with all the fans supporting it and the special [feeling] this club has.

He was really excited telling me all the stories.

"Of course, I am very excited. I know him a bit from playing against him in Germany.

"As a young player like me, he’s the right coach to do the next steps [in my career], to develop well and bring my game on. I’m sure he will help me, but it’s also on me."

So the connection has already been made, and one hopes Karius will join the Klopp Hug Club in short order, preferably after breaking clean sheet records and raising trophies for his new club. If the club decide to upgrade on the goalkeeper coach position as well, his chances might just improve.

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