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Didi Hamann: Klopp Has Made Reds Attractive This Summer

Former Liverpool midfielder Dietmar Hamann thinks that the Reds will have no trouble improving this summer, thanks to the Europa League final run and new(ish) boss Jürgen Klopp. Also, the sky is blue.

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Pessimists among us might think that missing out on Champions League football--indeed, European football altogether--will hurt Liverpool's recruitment efforts over the summer. Former Liverpool midfielder Dietmar Hamann, however, believes otherwise.

"The run in the Europa League and the nature of the victories, with some fabulous nights at home, will have made many players take notice," Hamann opined in an interview with the club's magazine. "They'll realise that Liverpool seem to be improving and being part of that is an attractive proposition. The same applies to Klopp: players will want to work under him because he is such an impressive manager."

Didi's sentiments are no doubt correct, even if they are a bit obvious. During his previous tenures in Germany, Klopp showed an ability not just to bring in talented young players to fit his system, but also the ability to steadily improve the squad year after year. It also helps that he won stuff. Winning helps.

Hamann was instrumental in both of Liverpool's most recent European cup runs in 2001 and 2005, so he understands what a little success in Europe can do for building a club's profile. He also waxed philosophical about the Red Queen's Race that is the summer transfer market.

"Football clubs are forever building or re-building teams - the process never stops no matter what you achieve. Even if you do win something you always need to try to improve the squad, as your rivals will be doing exactly that.

"Right now, Liverpool clearly have some improvements to make if the club is to move up the league table and put together a sustained challenge for the top four next season. To do that, you need a squad of talented players. There are some of those present already; now more need to be added."

The view through our rose-tinted glasses is that Liverpool already have a good foundation to build upon. Klopp has repeatedly said as much. With a few key pieces and far fewer injuries next season, Klopp & Co. should be able to push on up the table and hopefully be even more attractive at the end of next season.

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