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Liverpool Set to Appoint Bayern Munich Nutritionist

Liverpool are set to appoint a second member of Bayern Munich's backroom staff.

Clint Hughes/Getty Images

The power of Jürgen Klopp is real. Two finals in the space of seven months, a complete revival of positivity surrounding the club, finding the best in players, and winning big games. Also, Klopp has steered Liverpool to a scenario where one more win in Europe this season will bring Champions League football, a European trophy, a chance to play a Madrid side early next season for more European glory, and a tangible sense that Liverpool is going places once again. There's also the fact that he can pinch members of Bayern Munich's backroom staff.

After Bayern's very own Andreas Kornmayer agreed a deal with Liverpool to succeed Ryland Morgans as fitness coach next season, Klopp is adding another talented operator in Mona Nemmer. She is the Bavarian club's nutritionist and will be part of helping Klopp shape his squad's fitness and conditioning to his desires. Triple sessions are coming on pre-season, making nutrition and fitness crucial areas in Liverpool's approach. For a manager whose teams have a reputation for being extremely fit, this is part of Klopp doing things his way.

Nemmer has been with Bayern Munich since 2013 and worked with the German FA before linking up with Pep Guardiola. Liverpool fans want top quality players, but Klopp understands that excellence is also required behind the scenes. Do not be fooled by the smile, charisma, and earthy persona ahead of what is set to be an exciting summer - those who are deemed inadequate or incompetent will be replaced. It's only natural that news such as this filters through with the current season coming to an end as discussions and negotiations behind the scenes either result in definitive conclusions or announcements.

Gegenpressing requires the right fuel and fitness, making this quite a coup for Liverpool FC.

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