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Klopp Introducing Triple Training Sessions in Pre-Season

Liverpool players should probably prepare themselves and tell their families that they love them.

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Liverpool players are going to have a unique experience in preparing for next season after Jürgen Klopp stated his intention to introduce triple training sessions in pre-season. Such a schedule will be tough for players but will ensure that they are ready to physically provide the level Klopp wants. The 48-year-old's counter-pressing system demands a certain level of stamina and hard running, which Liverpool have yet to consistently deliver in the seven months since Brendan Rodgers was replaced.

While Liverpool will naturally look for quality players in the summer, there are some good ones within the existing squad. Understanding the manager's tactical and technical requirements over time will help, but without the necessary fitness to produce a concerted effort over 90 minutes, the team might be far more susceptible to losing steam or concentration than it should be. A new world, it seems, is coming, and a new fitness coach will be at the heart of it.

"It's triple training sessions, of course," Klopp said. "I'm really looking forward to pre-season. The problem with pre-season is that for the first three weeks we have 15 players who will have been away at the European Championship and we also have to see how the squad is changing.

"On another planet we would have six weeks together where we train because in this league it is the only time when you can only train. In all of the (pre-season) games we will play we will play out full training. So if we play our best in pre-season then I've done something completely wrong. It's another session, it's not about beating our opponents. I don't care about how big the opponent is we will say nothing about the situation."

Klopp went on to share some interesting ideas about how he sees training, "creating a base for one year" in the summer, developing special training plans,  as catering for players who will play at Euro 2016. Klopp's take on the role of "physical potential" particularly pertinent, and for those still learning about the manager's approach to the game, his words underlined a key element in his approach to building teams.

"Everything you do is based around physical potential and what you create in pre-season is key to that," Klopp stated. "We are now really fit but because of the games, our best sessions have been the games. On the one side we play a little bit too often and it's too intense training but usually we are in a good shape and you saw against Chelsea that Emre played again after three weeks off. It was hard for him but it was very important for him to get through it. That shows the right training works. That is how it is and that's why we will train a lot."

All the best.

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