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Klopp: Danny Ings and Joe Gomez Nearing Full Health

Ings could be back before season's end, according to Klopp.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Manager Jürgen Klopp has dealt with numerous injuries since taking over at Liverpool. Few have been as frustrating as the knee injury Danny Ings suffered in the fall, robbing Klopp of a pacey attacker willing to press for long stretches.

Now, though, Ings is set to make a comeback before the end of the season or at the very least in the early summer, according to Liverpool's manager. Joe Gomez, who was also hurt in the fall, is nearing a return as well, although he isn't expected to be back in action for the Reds until the pre-season.

"It's so unlucky I can't believe," Klopp said in a press conference about the injuries. "I had something like half an hour with [Ings] on the pitch. I know more about him as a person than as a player."

"It's a very difficult moment in his career. It can help you in building character. He already had a good base in character, but he has developed."

Apparently, Klopp sat down and had a meal with Ings and Gomez, which is adorable. They even had one of those sought after good moments.

"It's good to have them here," Klopp said. "I had a good moment with these two boys, having lunch, but we are all waiting for their comeback on the pitch."

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