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Liverpool FC’s 2016-17 Home Kit Leaked

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Above: an image of the New Balance website as it appeared this evening
Above: an image of the New Balance website as it appeared this evening

This evening, promotional images of Liverpool’s 2016-17 home kit appeared on New Balance’s official website, a month before next season's home strip was set to be revealed.

Pictures showing captain Jordan Henderson alongside Emre Can and James Milner and with the slogan "Made for Liverpool" can currently be seen on the official kit supplier’s website, though given the home kit isn’t set to be officially revealed until the final home game of the season, the images may not stay up for very long.

Most Liverpool fans will be happy with what they can see of the new home kit which, no surprises here, is a mostly red affair. This year, rather than going with a mix of white and gold for the trim and lettering, it appears New Balance have gone simpler and stuck to gold, meaning there will be only two colours on the club’s home kit next season.

The one detail that could divide some is that the shirt appears to have a short henley collar with a single button.

The kit also appears to have a subtle, thick horizontal striping pattern using two shades of red. In past years, such detailing has often been more apparent on the actual kit when it's released than it has been in early promotional images.

Simon Mignolet also appears in the promotional images wearing a rather unsightly number, a sickly green top with black shoulder pads, reminding everybody why nobody ever buys the ‘keeper kit.

Image: the New Balance website as it appeared this evening

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