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Thierry Henry: Firmino Could Be the Next Suarez, So No Pressure, Kid

Flashes of brilliance have many talking up Liverpool's ascendant midfielder, with the former Arsenal man going out on a limb and dropping the one name designed to make fans of the Reds positively giddy.

No, you're supposed to kiss the inside of your wrist when you score, Bobby.
No, you're supposed to kiss the inside of your wrist when you score, Bobby.
Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

There are few higher accolades than when former Premier League greats sing your praises to national media, let alone when they begin to compare you to the star player your club still hasn't quite found a way to replace. Roberto Firmino found himself in exactly that position when he became the subject of Thierry Henry's accolades after the Brazilian's recent string of performances.

"I will give him the benefit of the doubt because he has just arrived and he needs to settle," said the Jamie Carragher thigh enthusiast on Liverpool's midfielder. "Things changed during the season and it isn't always easy. He is starting to show some signs that he can be that guy.

"Is he Luis Suarez? At the moment he isn't Suarez. But he might be in the future. Is he the guy who is going to make Liverpool win a title? I don't know.  He is doing extremely well. If he can build a partnership with Coutinho, who knows?"

It's a rather non-committal comparison to Luis Suarez, but it's a positive comparison none the less.  With Firmino's run of form for the past two months causing many to sit up and take notice, it was inevitable that someone, somewhere might begin to make the comparison designed to bring Liverpool fans a simultaneous combination of anticipatory joy and utter sadness.

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