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Klopp's Two Important Lessons From Southampton Defeat

Neither lesson (surprisingly) was "Don't play Martin Skrtel"

Alex Broadway/Getty Images

For the average Liverpool supporter, Sunday's trip to St. Mary's was one to forget. And I'm sure more than a few pounds were spent on libations after the match in pursuit of that goal.

However, Jürgen Norbert Klopp doesn't forget these things. He lets the anger burn inside with the intensity of a thousand suns, and yes, he's still angry about Crystal Palace. To just denote his rage about football catastrophes would be to miss the point, as he is always quick to point to the lessons learned in the process. For Kloppo, there were two important take-aways from Sunday's capitulation.

"Two things are important - we didn't get the points and that's not too good; on the other side, we saw how well we can play football, which we should not forget," Klopp explained to, "I know the result is not what we wanted but we have to accept it this season, we have to take what we can get and not think always now the top four, ‘yes, no, perhaps, I don't know'.

"Play football like we did in the first half, score goals and everybody will enjoy it and then everything is OK."

That was a huge missed opportunity for Klopp to say, "everything is cool." Regardless, it's good that Klopp is making the effort to remind the players about the very positive first half, which was arguably one of the best all season.

Also noteworthy is his dismissal of top four odds as anything the players should be concerned with. Klopp's message has been clear on the subject all season: win games and table position will follow. It's a simple concept, but one many football pundits are constantly forgetting. Realistically, earning a Champions League spot through league position has been highly unlikely for months now, and letting in three second-half goals did nothing to change that fact.

Still, with more consistent play and more football like we saw in the first 45 minutes on Sunday, we could still move up the table a few positions, and maybe even earn a Champions League spot and silverware the hard way.

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