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Klopp: Free Weekend Doesn't Mean the Work Stops

While it might be tempting to think of Liverpool's squad with their feet up watching the FA Cup on the telly, Jürgen Klopp painted a very different picture of his players' weekend activities.

"Is this what time off feels like? I forget what time off feels like."
"Is this what time off feels like? I forget what time off feels like."
Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Ah, the luxury of time off. For Liverpool, it's not something they've experienced since last fall due to the absolutely packed fixture list they've faced across four separate competitions. Crashing out of the FA Cup was disappointing, but it did free up some time this past weekend where instead of taking on Blackburn Rovers, players earned some much needed time off.

Or some of them did at least. If anyone thought that a match free weekend would mean two days of eating Doritos in your sweatpants while hate watching Twilight on DVD over and over, they were mostly sorely mistaken. Jürgen Klopp made it clear that not everyone got the full weekend off, and that some folks -- *cough* -- didn't get any time off at all, danke schön.

"It's pretty complicated because in the last few weeks the players have had some time off," Klopp observed. "The coaching staff have had no days off because we always had a team to train with and always a squad for the next game. Sometimes our ‘FA Cup squad' trained or were off and then the ‘Premier League squad' trained or were off. But we were always here. For sure, there will be a little bit of football but not too much.

"It's more important for the players that have always been involved, who have played nearly all the matches and always trained and were always here. To have two days off is important."

Emre Can attended a wedding with "the boys", Alberto Moreno headed down to London for the weekend, and Mamadou Sakho took his wife on an uplifting date to a hospice centre for infants because oh my god this couple. Presumably those not documenting their activities on Instagram were those who didn't get two days off and found themselves in training with a manager who definitely wasn't getting any time off.

"We have a lot of players and they have to train," Klopp continued, "because they were not always available and had a few things to do to be in their best shape, especially a week before the cup final. Only a few players will have two days off, a few other players will have one day off - training and very important sessions."

Liverpool face Augsburg again at Anfield on Thursday before heading to Anfield South to take on Manchester City in the League Cup final.

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