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Return To Germany "Cool" For Klopp

Because of course it is.

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When Liverpool drew Augsburg in the Europa League, Jürgen Klopp's return to Germany was always going to be a talking point. But like with so many other non-football related things, Klopp was more concerned about the game than about his return, but it's cool.

There aren't too many German managers in foreign countries; most German managers work in Germany or as national coaches of African countries. So maybe coming back is just something special for the German press or some supporters.

For me, it's the Europa League and you always have to play in different countries. In this case, it's Germany. The biggest advantage I have is that in the hotel I will understand each person - so that's cool! But the rest is football. I didn't leave Germany long enough ago to say I need German air or something like this! I really enjoy England and we feel really good, it's a great country to live and work in.

Coming back is cool but it's not the most important thing in this game. Much more important is that we go there and are ready for a difficult game.

Liverpool supporters might expect the Reds to go down to Augsburg and put the little-known Bavarian team out of the tie early, but Klopp expects a very difficult fight over two legs:

This game against Liverpool is for sure the biggest game in their history and that means something. You can imagine how they will be and we have to be ready too, to go to the next round - but not with an easy game."

The rhythm is perfect for these three games. Thursday to Thursday is absolutely a normal week and you could play the final on the Friday, because it's a final so you don't need recovery if you want to play the final.

The bigger challenge, first of all, is the away game at Augsburg and then to be concentrated in the rematch against Augsburg, not thinking about the final.

Klopp's "one game at a time" coach-speak is on point. In a perfect world, one in which Liverpool rarely inhabit, the Reds would go down to Germany and secure a multiple-goal win in order to be able to rest some starters ahead of the upcoming League Cup final showdown with Manchester City.

As nice as that would be, this doesn't seem to be the situation Klopp is planning for. He and the coaching staff expect Augsburg to come out like it's their cup final. Hopefully Klopp can get the players ready to match their intensity over two legs.

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