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Klopp: Progress Will Take Time

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

When Liverpool convinced Jürgen Klopp to end his brief managing hiatus, fans rushed to grand expectations of how fast the German could turn things around at Anfield.

Now, amid the slog of Premier League mediocrity that the team once again finds itself in, the reality has set in that it will take time to make the Reds top-tier contenders once again.

"I've been here for four months now and I really get the impression that everybody in this club is hungry for success,'' said Klopp. "And despite everybody longing for very quick success they all are ready to be patient and to invest a certain amount of time that is necessary to gain that success."

"We are trying to bring that success back to the club but both the Manchester clubs and a few London clubs invest a lot," he added.

While people are quick to point to the upcoming influx of TV money into the Premier League as a way to make a forward push, the manager noted that Liverpool will still be in a difficult position going forward.

"If you make a few good decisions that doesn't necessarily mean that you make steps ahead on the Premier League table because [rival] clubs are making the right decisions too," said Klopp. "Everyone in Germany knows about the TV money in the Premier League and thinks it would be fun in the Bundesliga with this money, but here you have rivals with the same money so it's not easy.''

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