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Jürgen Klopp On Bournemouth Defeat: "I'm Not Angry"

The manager was calm after the match, even though his side blew a 3-1 second half advantage.

Not angry
Not angry
Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Even though Liverpool suffered their biggest collapse of the season against Bournemouth on Sunday, manager Jürgen Klopp refused to make a sweeping judgement of the team based on the 4-3 defeat.

He admitted he felt some frustration during the match but claimed it was something the squad must move on from. After all, he said, "things like this happen" and "it's not the biggest or most serious thing in life."

"I'm not angry," Klopp said (via ESPN FC). "I was angry during the game a few times. I saw that my boys didn't want to do the wrong thing, but they did and lost the momentum in the game, and it's not simple to come back."

"That's why you have to keep momentum all the time you can," the manager added. "I cannot change it. So why should I be angry? The guys just weren't clear enough in the game."

With the loss already behind him, Klopp emphasized the importance of taking lessons from an outcome he said "doesn't feel too good."

"We have to learn from it -- that's how it is," Klopp said. "It's an experience no one wants but sometimes you need it. Possibly we needed it. Now we have got it, now we can use it."

When Liverpool suffered a 2-0 defeat to Burnley earlier in the campaign, they proceeded to go unbeaten in the next 11 Premier League contests. Klopp will hope the Reds can provide a similar response to their latest setback.

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