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Liverpool's Sheyi Ojo Returns to Uncertain U-23 Squad

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The winger made his return from injury to play 65 minutes for the young Reds. But with manager Michael Beale on his way out, the team is in a transition period.

Jeff Curry/Getty Images

This week, Liverpool announced under-23 manager Michael Beale would leave the club to serve as an assistant for Sao Paulo in Brazil. He was initially expected to depart in early January, but the Echo now reports that date will likely be brought forward.

Either way, it'll be interesting to monitor how the club decides to replace him and move forward with its youth system. For now, though, the reserve Reds are struggling a bit.

They were knocked out of the Premier League International Cup by Leicester City in a 2-1 defeat on Saturday. However, Sheyi Ojo made a return from injury to play 65 minutes, while Joe Gomez played the full match.

After the loss, Beale spoke about his team's performance.

"It was good to see Sheyi back and he did well," Beale said. "Overall it was a poor performance from the standards we have set ourselves recently ... It sums up our international cup campaign where we haven't done as well as we would of liked."