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Mark Hughes Mind Games: LFC Can Win Title

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Ahead of the clash at Anfield, the Stoke City boss had some kind words about Klopp and Liverpool’s title challenges.

Stoke City v Southampton - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Hey, Liverpool fans, do you want to hear about how great our title odds are from a former Manchester United player, and tonight’s opposition manager? Of course you do! It’s on the list right after getting a root canal and before listening to your mother tell you what you’re doing wrong with your life in great detail after one too many glasses of wine.

"Do I think Liverpool can do it?” Mark Hughes asked about Liverpool’s current title chances, “Yes, they're capable without a doubt and they have the potential to win it.

"Liverpool will feel this is a good opportunity to get rid of that weight and have a period of success like they had in the 80s and early 90s.

"They seem to have the belief they can and it seems a really positive club again."

That’s all well and good, Mark, but please, tell us about your time at United.

"Every year [not winning the title] it keeps perpetuating. It becomes more difficult.

"Certainly when I was at United it was talked about before the season, during the season, at the end and if if you hadn't done it then it was debated again in a negative way. It was always there.

"That's maybe why, being part of that team and being able to do that, that team is remembered and revered a little bit because we were able to break that long line of difficulty of winning the league championship.”

So. Kind words from our opposition manager before tonight’s big game. I don’t know what mind games you’re playing Mr. Hughes, but I don’t like it.

Liverpool and Klopp have been no strangers to opponents talking up their title chances this year, but often those words come after a game, not before it. Moreover, I’m sure none of us needed reminding of The Drought currently plaguing the club, and the weight of history that comes with it.