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Roberto Earns Every Voice Of The “Bobby Firmino” Chants

The clever, Brazilian attacker loves hearing Liverpool fans calling his name.

Liverpool v West Ham United - Premier League Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Bobby Firmino. Bobby Digital. Robbo Firms. Nicknames are fun. Bobbino. They are also a sign of fondness and admiration. Roberto Firmino has been enjoying this sort of praise from Liverpool fans this season and the chants of “Bobby Firmino” that ring out from our supporters have really given the player a lift.

“I love hearing the fans calling my name,” Firmino said, “and at the moment they are calling me Bobby Firmino.

“It is exciting when they are shouting your name and singing for you. That is a sign that we are doing something well and also a sign that they love what you are contributing for the team.”

Firmino arrived at Liverpool in the shadow of the great, almighty Luis Suárez. We had creators. We had strikers. But when Suárez left for Barcelona we lost that extra magic in the side, a player with the ability to do something that just sort of made your brain reboot.

There was hope that Roberto Firmino could be that player who would spice up our chili. And while the early signs were promising, we still weren’t quite sure if we were going to see the Suárez 2.0 that everyone wished for when Firmino signed.

But, Suárez who?

Roberto Firmino isn’t a Suárez. He’s a Firmino. Bobby Firmino. And he’s not going to be anybody’s two-point anything. The wily Brazilian has his own magic on the pitch that makes this team exciting. It’s funky and it’s unpredictable and it has that I-don’t-dance-well-but-I-dance-anyway, devil-may-care gusto that lifts the whole crowd.

Blossoming under Jürgen Klopp this season, Roberto has six goals and three assists for the Reds, earning every voice in those chants of “Bobby Firmino.” The 25-year-old attacker is proud of his new standing at the club and is eager to repay the fan support with silverware.

“At the moment Liverpool are doing well,” Firmino said, “and that creates a willingness to win something this season and that is what we are aiming for.

“We are playing to win titles in 2017 and we are doing our best to achieve that because that will make us excel in our careers as professional footballers. That is what we all want for each other, for the fans and for the club.”

All in together, now. B.O.B.B.Y.D.I.G.I.T.A.L.

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