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Loris Karius Responds to Neville Criticism

Loris Karius responded to Gary Neville’s recent criticism, but the former Manchester United player didn't seem to take it well.

Liverpool v West Bromwich Albion - Premier League Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

After a poor performance last weekend helped Bournemouth inflict only Liverpool’s second defeat of the season, Loris Karius received some strong criticism. Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher weighed in as Sky Sports pundits, but Loris Karius took exception to the former Manchester United defender’s words.

“Carragher was here at Liverpool for a long time so maybe after the game he was a bit frustrated," Karius said. "He is probably still a supporter. I have to accept it. What critics say right after the game, I don't know what I think. If you asked them again would they say it now?

"And I don't care what Gary Neville said. He was a top player, then he was a manager for a short bit and now he is back to being an expert again. But he is always very critical. I think he does it to everyone. I just hope that when I do well he will comment on that. We will see in the future."

Manchester United still have fewer points under José Mourinho than David Moyes after 14 games, but Neville hasn't harshly slammed a manager who is desperately under pressure. A loss against Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday will all but end any lingering hopes of a finishing the top four this season, and clubs don't hire Mourinho to plan for the future. Win today without style is his raison d'être, but according to Neville, the Europa League is hurting Manchester United under a manager who is playing good football.

Where is the patience for Karius? The former Mainz 05 goalkeeper lacks the experience that even a 20-year-old David de Gea had when he joined Manchester United from Atlético Madrid. Manchester United need time under Mourinho despite breaking the world record to sign Paul Pogba and spending over £150 million on players, but Karius is under desperate pressure after ten games in a Liverpool shirt? Something doesn't quite add up here.

Yes, it's the job of a pundit or an expert to make observations on games, managers, and players. Jamie Carragher often just says what he sees when appraising his former club depending on whether the performance was worthy of praise or criticism. Carragher’s dissatisfied assessments of poor defending and lack of organisation in key areas of the team aren't solely reserved for Liverpool’s rivals, and that's how it should be. The same can be said for the famously blunt Roy Keane—a Manchester United legend who sees no value in playing politics or holding back.

Gary Neville rightly earned and deserved praise for his analysis on Sky Sports after he retired, but he wouldn't be happy with a player taking to social media to respond to comments. Maybe Karius should get on with playing instead of engaging in unnecessary exchanges with someone whose job it is to analyse football games, but perhaps Neville shouldn't be so sensitive when his struggles at Valencia are brought up by players. If only Neville would do what he'd surely advise players to do: don't go on social media but let your performances do the talking for you.

"My sincere apologies Karius. You're right. A failed manager hasn't a clue," Neville wrote on Instagram. The former Manchester United player went on to use Carragher’s criticism as a defence: "I won't copy your great fan, pundit and club legend again."

Oh dear, it appears that Neville doesn't quite enjoy when his own performances in football are talked about in a negative light. As for Karius, hopefully he’ll grow over the course of the season and beyond. Dejan Lovren is in his third season at the club after a debut season that was arguably more disastrous than Neville’s attempt at managing in Spain. Players generally get time and a chance under Jürgen Klopp, and after having a close look at Simon Mignolet for seven months last season, Klopp decided to secure Karius’ services to help Liverpool move forward.

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