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Captain Jordan and The Days Of Purpose

Liverpool’s Jordan Henderson speaks about why winning is the best way to entertain the fans.

Liverpool v Hull City - Premier League
Henderson performs a modified cha cha.
Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

The mojo is big and growing ever bigger at Liverpool this season. The team has captivated supporters across the league with Jürgen Klopp’s special brand of swirling, attacking-vortex football. But, captain Jordan Henderson, explains that the players and coaches aren’t spending their days rehearsing a production of Strictly Ballroom. There are matches to be won and Melwood is the setting of rough, aggressive football training despite how elegant and graceful the boys play out on the pitch.

“The main priority for us is if we’re performing and playing the way we can then obviously it is entertaining football, it is high-intensity and everybody is going to enjoy watching us.

“But we do it for a reason. And the reason is because that’s the best way to play football and the best way to win games for us as a team.”

The Reds have gone eleven games unbeaten in all competitions. That’s some fine progress over the last twelve months, that is. And while what we are seeing may not be the absolute best way to win, it’s definitely a really great way to win. As Henderson explains, that’s a testament to the work the managers and players are putting in.

“If we keep doing what we’ve been doing, keep working on the training field and listening to what the manager wants, and then applying that on the weekend then it’ll be very entertaining, but there’s a purpose to it.”

But, I’m sure Henderson went on to say that he was just kidding and that really the team mojo was the most important thing and that the ballroom dancing sessions we’re going splendidly.

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