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Lucas Weighs In On Liverpool Title Challenge

He's happy with the way the Reds are playing but wary of getting overconfident this early in the season.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Amid a Liverpool team full of emerging youngsters, veteran central midfielder Lucas Leiva stands out for his experience with the club.

It's been a bumpy road for him over the past couple of seasons, but he still provides a voice of reason in the locker room. So when asked about a potential title challenge from the Reds, he weighed in with a level-headed opinion.

"Every time Liverpool is in a good position, people start to talk about titles very often and it is the only thing they say," Lucas said (via ESPN FC). "Of course, it has been a long time that Liverpool don't win a very big trophy, but for us, we must just try to keep the level of concentration and focus and leave the emotion to the outside."

He added: "If we had won previous leagues, we would probably have won that [in 2014]. But like I say, every time there is a chance, people get too excited and sometimes if you let the excitement come, it can affect your focus because we are human beings."

Still, Lucas acknowledged Liverpool players are excited about their table position and called the current moment "great." But he warned that the team must "know the limits of focus and excitement and don't mix them because there could be a problem."

"The results are happening at the moment, but there will be moments when we are not winning like we did against Watford in the last game," Lucas said. "So we have to know how to cope with that pressure because every team goes through a bad period."

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