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Lovren: "We Have The Quality To Beat Everyone"

Dejan Lovren bangs the drum ahead of Liverpool's weekend match-up with the real Baggies.

When you're name is up in lights it gives you confidence. That's exactly what's happening with this Liverpool team. A good start to the season sees the Reds in fourth place in the table and just two points behind the leaders, Manchester City. Five wins, two draws and a single loss in the opening eight fixtures is encouraging and a first-time clean sheet against Manchester United last Monday will add determination for the defensive mindset going forward. Dejan Lovren is enjoying riding this confidence wave and believes Liverpool can take it to the limit with any team out there.

"Every game is a 'win' game for us," said Lovren. "We have the quality to beat everyone, when you look at the teams we have played already.

It's just about a winning mentality. If we can keep that, at the end of the season we can be proud."

Last season's matches against West Bromwich Albion’s particular brand of Baggies both ended in draws and the dastardly Tony Pulis was allowed to enjoy not being beaten by Liverpool. This is unacceptable. End point. And manager Jürgen Klopp should be well aware of the problems you face when up against Pulis and his West Bromers. But, again, confidence could be the key to unlocking the doors to Pulis' parked bus. And once we're in, it'll be time for a little joyriding.

"Whenever I have played against West Brom it was a really difficult game, physically and mentally," said Lovren.

"It will again be a tough game, but I think we need to learn from our mistakes from last year when we played them here. We know what we can expect, but now it is a different situation.

"We improved a lot with Jürgen. We were really good last season when he came, but now we are flying. We just need to keep that winning spirit."

"Flying" might be a stretch, Dejan. Let's compromise at 'floating.' But I like the enthusiasm. It's this enthusiasm that is crucial to keeping the winning spirit.

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