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Xabi Alonso Predicts Tense Liverpool-Manchester United Clash

The former Liverpool midfielder weighed in on today's highly anticipated match up.

Neccessary throwback Alonso picture
Neccessary throwback Alonso picture
Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Among former Liverpool players from the modern era, there are few who hold as much continued adoration from fans as midfielder Xabi Alonso. A fantastic on-field performer, Alonso also connected with the surrounding area and remains a supporter of the club from afar.

When asked about Liverpool's upcoming match with Manchester United, which has captured the attention of football fans around the continent, he recalled his own experiences in the fixture, which he said were more tense than any other Premier League match up.

"Liverpool against Manchester United was our big game of the season," Alonso said (via Sky Sports). "The tension between the two crowds was so strong you could feel it on the pitch."

As far as this particular tilt, he underlined the necessity of getting a positive result to both sides. After all, a win for Liverpool would push them into a tie for first place with Arsenal and Manchester City.

"It's still early days in the season but it can be a very, very important game," Alonso said. "That's a big one in terms of tradition and a big clash. These kinds of games, anyone can win. Maybe Liverpool are in a better position and maybe favourites, but it doesn't matter."

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