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Mignolet vs Karius: Staying Positive Edition

Liverpool goaltender, Simon Mignolet, will not relinquish his old starting position so easily.

International Champions Cup: Liverpool v Barcelona
Positivity score: Definitely
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One day you’re up and the next day you’re down. But you’ve got to keep your chin up. You have to get up from the letdown. You’ve got to take life’s lemons and make Mignolet. And that’s exactly what Liverpool’s veteran goalkeeper, Simon Mignolet, has done since losing his place to the dastardly Loris Karius. The Belgian shot-stopper extraordinaire-slash-cross-collecting-short-comer has recently been demoted to the bench by manager Jürgen Klopp as Karius is seen as the man for the future.

“I didn’t play the last two weeks and I don’t want it to be any longer,” said Mignolet. “I look at it positively. I hope to play against United. I still feel confident because of my good league start. Against Arsenal, Tottenham and Leicester I have been important for the team by making good saves.

“I have the advantage that the game against United is only Monday, so I can have a full preparation.

“I don’t know what the coach will decide. I can just prepare myself 100%. Whether I play or not, nothing will change my match preparation. It is not in my character to not give 100%.

Double-negatives aside, Mignolet has certainly been a model professional throughout his time at Liverpool. He keeps his mind on the job. And he seems to enjoy the fitness aspect of his work, training hard, eating healthy, weird stuff like that. And that’s been great for the club. Solid man between the sticks.

But, there are issues with Mignolet’s game that have been difficult to correct. Judging crossing balls is one. Set pieces is another. What else? Oh, don’t forget kicking the ball out of bounds. But, I like Mignolet. And he’s showing his good grace by acknowledging that the fight for number one is happening and staying properly motivated to compete.

“Everytime you sit on the bench it hurts,” he tearlessly said.

“The important thing is that I try to handle the situation the best I can. I think my response has been positive. It was also appreciated by the supporters.”

Simon, if I haven’t expressed my appreciation before now, then I’m sorry. And I hope with this post that maybe I’ve managed to make it up to you in some small way. That would be nice. And maybe through this we’ll have changed each other for the better, Simon. Anyway, good luck with Karius.

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