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Klopp Nabs Third Performance Of The Week Award

On the heels of the 5-4 goal-fest at Carrow Road, Jürgen Klopp received the Performance of the Week award from the League Managers Association.

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Stephen Pond/Getty Images

Last week's 9-goal mockery of football defending could be seen in many different lights to the casual observer. It could be classified as "entertaining" with little objection. "Surprising" would be another apt descriptive word. "Memorable?" Undoubtedly. Along the way Liverpool fans and Norwich fans could have also justified using, "embarrassing," "dreadful," "frustrating," "comical," and many other more colorful words to describe what they were seeing on the pitch.

However, one thing it definitely wasn't was "great." Regardless, Klopp still found himself claiming a Performance of the Week accolade for the come-from-behind win at Carrow Road. This is Klopp's third such honor since joining the club. He was also credited for the more deserving 4-1 win over Manchester City, and the equally impressive 6-1 victory over Southampton.

The 5-man LMA panel consists of  Howard Wilkinson, Joe Royle, Dave Bassett, Barry Fry, and Darth Sir Darth Alex Ferguson.

Hopefully next time Klopp receives a similar award, the performance will not just be memorable but actually good. Regardless, it's still nice to see our manager recognized.

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