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Klopp Backs Benteke For The Long-Term

Despite seemingly poor fit, and a less than stellar rate of return for the big Belgian striker, Klopp was adamant that Benteke has a future at Liverpool.

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"Of course he has a future, that is not a question," Jürgen Klopp explained in his usual blunt manner during the pre-replay presser.

Naturally, a great deal of criticism has been leveled at the target man, as he is currently Liverpool's only fit striker, and the side continues struggling to find the back of the net at a historically low rate. His sizable transfer fee only serves to further add pressure on Benteke, who only has 7 goals in 24 appearances in red.

Still, Klopp urged patience for the Belgian international, because really, what else can we reasonably expect to do?

"You are too quick in your judgements. If I would work like this I would send players who miss chances to the next club or whatever. Stay cool.

"What we have to do is think what team fits together for the special game. For the next game it could be different. We have to think about how we create chances. First of all we cannot hope that we can get the ball into the box and then maybe Christian will finish it. He is a goalscorer and makes chances and so on, that is all good."

Of course, Klopp is right not to focus too much attention on Benteke, as the club has had a misfiring offense for the better part of two years running. Any and all striking options not named "Luis Suarez" or "Daniel Sturridge" have seemed inadequate, which is as much an indictment of the midfield options behind the strikers as anything else.

The manager also addressed his recent tendency to leave Benteke on the bench, in favor of attacking midfielder Roberto Firmino.

"I understand we don't score enough goals and you ask about the striker, the only striker in your mind we have. He is on the bench and that seems to be strange but not in my opinion...To have Christian on the bench is a quality sign and to bring him in with his qualities in a close game.

"I would like to bring him in with us 2-0 in the lead to make it 3 or 4-0 but now it was twice we are not in the lead, it was the complete opposite situation. That is not the best situation, it is always a rush in that situation."

One of Klopp's many admirable qualities is his very public backing and defending of players, even if they probably don't deserve it. Whether we like it or not, it seems like we're stuck with our current striker situation until the end of the season. We can probably expect some big changes this summer, hopefully bringing in some players with indestructible hamstrings and the ability to score goals, roughly in that order.

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